Tuesday, September 27, 2011


So, after a slightly drunk conversation with my boyfriend last night, I realise that I can have Noodle Canteen still!!! There goes my eating out problems!
For those of you that have the misfortune of not knowing about Noodle Canteen, your life is not worth living (slight exaggeration? Maybe? No?). Noodle Canteen is the most delicious, freshest take-away I've found ever (ignore whatever the boyfriend says about Subway).
Because I can have soya bean oil and fermented soy products (eg soy sauce and miso), using my excellent culinary knowledge, I have figured out that I should be able to eat just about anything they serve up!
This little revelation comes just in time as I'm heading to the boyfriends tomorrow and he doesn't cook, and doesn't have anything in the house to cook *sigh*.

Just watch out for the molten-lava-hot temperature of the sauce, that stuff will burn all your taste-buds off so you can't taste the deliciousness.


  1. IIIII just found your blawg, yo.

    But I have to disagree about the fresh takeaways. Kapai's pretty good and we're only to willing to check ingredient lists for you. *not even a plug*

    (also, I've never had noodle canteen. Want to go on a date sometime>?)

  2. Can I get two meals for about $10? And is there one in Upper Hutt?
    I guess the answer is no.
    Never had Noodle Canteen?! Your life isn't worth living.