Sunday, September 11, 2011

First time eating out

So I was in a different town over the weekend for my grandmothers funeral.
The fam was going out for dinner to my grandparents favourite restaurant, but I was kind of nervous (is that the right word? worried? apprehensive?) about it. Reason being is because I know a lot of chefs find it a huge pain to have to cater to people with allergies.
I called ahead to the restaurant and they told me to just let them know when I arrived and ordered. When the waitress came to the table I identified myself as having allergies, she said the chef would be out to talk to me.
The chef came out, pulled up a chair and asked me "What would you like off the menu? Doesn't matter what's in it, what would you like?" I chose the ribs. He told me all the seasonings he put on, and brought me out the sauce bottle so that I could read the ingredients on that too. Everything was fine, I could have it, but they were just so accommodating and helpful, I am now much more confident about eating out and not having to worry about my allergies.

Moral of the story: call ahead before you go, if you can. They will tell you straight out if they can or can't cater to your needs.
Find friendly helpful restaurants and remember them, they are worth your custom.


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