Tuesday, November 27, 2012


So what's been happening lately? Well things may be a bit out of order because the days all seem to merge together here.
I went to Timaru with "Arab" and a few others. It was payday so I spent a bit. Ate some really good Thai food. It's actually a cute little town, I wish I'd had more chance to explore the beach area.
"Doe" (whose house I stayed at the other night) and I haven't really hung out or talked much since I stayed over, could be because he got a new girlfriend or got back with his ex, but not sure why that would affect me but whatever, I'm not too fussed.
Funny story, I got asked out. "Butcher" stopped me one morning while I was going to get my uniform and I was so surprised I basically just said "What? Maybe" and ran off. Haha, oops. But it's nice to know I still have "it", whatever "it" is.
There was a masquerade party this Saturday gone, I wore one of my favourite dresses and a mask I bought online. Well I mostly ended up carrying it around most of the night. I talked for a bit to "Hipster" and ended up spending a good amount of time talking to "Butcher". He's a really interesting guy and I would fully go for him if I wasn't already taken. Except for the smoking, that's a big turn off.
We hung out after work tonight, he wants to end up being a florist but has also been interested in fashion design of all things. I showed him some lolita stuff and he really likes it which is awesome.
He's invited me to his hometown to expolre an abandoned hospital, now that would be awesome!

In regards to work and allergies, well I usually do at least 9 hours a day, today it was a bit more than 10. Haven't done an 11 hour day yet thank goodness. But all the time I feel like I can't get enough sleep, even if I sleep for 10 hours. The work is fairly easy really, at least I'm finding it pretty easy. I still have to ask a few questions but I don't think I've really fucked anything up. I'm starting to get stuffy sinuses from the dairy so I've ordered gut repair powder and I think I'll look into getting lactase pills if my naturopath doesn't object to them. My feet are fine apart from eczema which could be related to dairy, or unbreathing chef clogs.

I really miss my family, my house, my dogs, my bedroom, and especially "Birdy". I miss having the convenience of everything so close! But I'll tough it out a while longer here, try to save a lot of money.
Ugh it's after 2am, time to go to bed.

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